Today or Fifty Years From Now

In Louisiana, no matter what the year,

the Cajuns dance on the graves

and the swamp comes alive.

A dance they feel in their bones

’cause the rise and squeeze of the accordion

sends a shot of love through their limbs

and they just can’t help but dance.

There is no queue, no line, but a snaking flood

of sometimes shallow water  that carries the song and dance

and lifts it up, so high the fireflies and mosquitos stop–

arrested by the undying sound

of life-giving music.

SingPoWriMo: A Facebook Group

CHALLENGE: I will write 1 poem a day from 1 apr 2015 to 30 apr 2015.

– post a poem every day. you can follow the lovely prompts provided daily by mods, or you can just write whatever.

4 thoughts on “Today or Fifty Years From Now

    1. Hi, Tokoni!

      I am participating in Singapore Poetry Writing Month (SingPoWriMo) and this was the 1st prompt: ‪
      #‎SingPoWriMo2015Day01‬ | ‪#‎SingPoWriMoDay01‬
      Write a poem featuring the year 2065.
      * Bonus 1: Use the words: queue, dance, grave, swamp, arrest, love
      * Bonus 2: Write the poem as a liwuli or one of its formal variants –

      So when I think of swamp and dance I think of Louisiana. 🙂


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