In the beginning there was nothing.

Nothing to hear. Nothing to feel. Nothing to see.

Only emptiness. And darkness. And…nothing but nothing.

But God was there. And God had a wonderful Plan.

“I’ll take this emptiness,” God said, ” and I’ll fill it up! Out of the darkness, I’m going to make light! And out of nothing, I’m going to make EVERYTHING!”

So begins The Storybook Bible. And last night as I read this to my two daughters, I realized this picture reveals so much about the character of God, about Jesus.

There was nothing. Nothing to hear, or feel, or see. Only emptiness. Only darkness. But God had a plan–to fill up the emptiness, brighten the darkness. And as I sat there with two little girls clambering to sit in my lap, eager to hear me read from their new books, I thought about my own life and the life of some of my friends. And I thought about Jesus.

Here, in the creation story, where we meet the Creator God and where we learn His first attribute, he revealed to me another aspect of his character. He is not only the Creator; he is also the filler of all things empty, the brightener of all things dark, and the voice in all solitude.

Isn’t this what Jesus does?

He takes our emptiness and fills it. Later in the story, we learn that what God creates to fill up the emptiness is good. And that’s also what Jesus does. He fills our emptiness with what is good. That is all he can give–good. He says in John 14:27  that he doesn’t give like the world gives. Meaning that what he gives won’t decay, won’t wither away, won’t diminish. It will remain.

And doesn’t Jesus brighten the darkness, too? He is called The Bright and Morning Star, the Day Star–a star seen before sunrise, an indication of the coming light. All of that darkness slowly turns to gray and eventually reveals the colors of day and life and hope–all with a little light. Hopeless places in our lives can turn hopeful when The Bright and Morning Star climbs through the darkness. A star–the evidence that even in darkness and during the times when we feel most alone in the world there is a presence; there is a light.

When we look around and see nothing but Nothing, remember: He makes something out of the nothing, and He calls it good.


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