We did an activity called “Word Play” today in my Advanced Placement Literature class. Choosing 8 out of 40 listed words, the students then composed a poem using one of their chosen words in one line of poetry. The end result was an 8 line poem with some interesting twists and turns. I chose the words Exit, Wake, Peach, Restore, Lap, Wait, Brush, and Silence. This was my contribution to the activity:



There is no exit for those who are left behind
and wake at morning to empty rooms and faded pages.
Where counter-top peaches darken and their sweetness turn bitter.
How do you restore a thing browned and rotted?

In what lap can innocence find rest,
when waiting takes all your energy
and future hopes aren’t easily brushed away,
and silence is the only answer?

I'd love to hear from you!

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