Lately, my daily mantra has become “children are a blessing from the Lord.”

This comes after multiple Facebook updates that included things like “Sometimes I don’t like being a parent” and “kids–ARGH!” or “kids…sigh.” You see, it is not always easy to believe that children are a blessing from the Lord. It is much easier (for some–that includes me) to believe they are a burden. And sometimes it seems much more certain that they are indeed a curse.

Trying to get out the door for any type of prearranged meeting = burden.

Trying to get three kids ready for bed so you can actually rest = burden.

Cooking a delicious supper only to be told “oooo…yuck” = burden.

Taking three kids to the grocery store where they proceed to turn into miniature octopi = curse.

Don’t get me wrong. I desperately love my children. I stand by their beds at night and marvel at their innocence and wonder and their endless imaginations. I love it when they slip their small hand into mine as we walk down the street. I melt a little when they say “I love you, Mommy.” And I savor their complete belief that I am the most attractive, talented, and skilled woman on the face of the earth. They are so smart. 😉 But they are not easy, and they don’t come with an OFF switch. Man, they don’t even come with a manual. They come naked and hungry, and my work is clearly laid out before me–clothe and feed. Simple enough.

As hard as those early years are with newborns and toddlers, which I am SO THANKFUL are over, nothing prepares you for the increasing list of needs that now accompanies your child. I still clothe and feed, but it’s no longer simply clothes and milk. I dress her broken heart that has been laid bare by harsh words at school. I nurture self-esteem when he feels he can’t do anything right. I carefully choose the right outfit of words so that my youngest doesn’t feel exposed by my lack of sensitivity. I prepare meals of experience so they learn to marvel at God’s creation and His sustenance. It takes an enormous amount of energy.

And time.

And consistency.

And faithfulness.

All of which I don’t have enough.

And that’s the point isn’t it. I DON’T have enough. But I know a God who does, and His mercies are new each day. His Grace is sufficient for every need. He will supply my lack. Oh, how hard it is to remember that. How hard it is to think the truth. To always keep before me the absolute truth that my children are a blessing–given to my by God. A Blessing.


WOW. There’s a lot more to talk about based on that definition. But right now, I’m determined to believe that Children are a blessing from the Lord.  Ps. 127:3

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