List 3: Things I’m Proud Of

  1. my husband
  2. my children
  3. my family
  4. my childhood on a cotton farm
  5. going to college
  6. graduating from college
  7. earning my MA
  8. living in Japan by myself
  9. my marriage
  10. my courtship
  11. waiting
  12. standing up for what I belive
  13. saying no
  14. moving to Iowa
  15. being willing to try
  16. being friends with my parents
  17. saying NO
  18. bargain shopping
  19. my work ethic
  20. cooking dinner most nights while my children were young
  21. writing
  22. teaching
  23. my house
  24. choices made thus far
  25. writing to my congressman
  26. patriotism
  27. being a SAHM for 7 years
  28. nursing my first two children
  29. bottle feeding the third
  30. my early childhood education and the amazing teachers I had
  31. my children’s personalities
  32. their abilities
  33. their talents
  34. their hopes
  35. their wishes
  36. being able to shoot a gun
  37. being a “country girl”
  38. reading
  39. living abroad
  40. moving to Singapore
  41. Jesus
  42. my little unseen talents
  43. having friends around the world
  44. my students
  45. moments when I squeeze all the life out of day

Inspired by Moorea Seal

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