From the last post:

“But finally we received an answer. And after a few conversations via Skype, we were offered the positions (Green Light #6). Now, there was one thing upon which this whole thing was hinged: Finances. We had bills to pay, and we had been struggling greatly for at least two years to keep our noses above water. It had been a horrible two years. I have nothing nice to say about them. However, I did learn an abundance regarding a particular aspect of God’s character: The Lord Provider. Although we were struggling, he continued to provide for us; it had been reassuring during those times to see that God had not let go of us.”

And so what happened?
Well, prior to being offered positions to move to the other side of the world, we sat down and listed out the essentials. We knew what it would take to pay rent, the electric bill, internet, phone, transportation, and groceries PLUS all of the other bills that we were responsible for here in the States. That tallied up to a rather large amount. But I was pretty set on the idea that if those basic needs could not be met easily then I wasn’t going. Why sell or store most of our belongings and relocate my entire family to a small tropical island if it were going to be just as difficult to live there as it was to live here and now? I wasn’t going for it if that were the case. So we had our number; I’ll call it $A; it was the bare minimum we needed.

As we talked to the Director in Singapore, he gave us a rough number as to what our compensation would be. Whew…it was too close for comfort. $A was our bare minimum; this offer was $A.5–barely enough. And I knew that moving to a foreign country, especially one of the most expensive on earth, would NOT be cheap. I was uneasy. Yellow Light #1.

The following day, we received our “official” offer. After comparing it to our budget and double checking our $A, we couldn’t believe it. It was significantly more than what we had hoped for.  Green Light #7. It would actually allow us to pay off our debt. Praise the Lord!

But that was just the beginning.

During a talk with my future “boss”, he mentioned a family that was going to be moving out of country and was in the process of trying to find someone to rent their apartment. We got their name and contact information. Now, are you ready for the list of how God organized this and all of the awesome things He gave us?

1)The family that owns the apartment is a family from the school where we would be working. They really wanted to rent it to someone at the school or working with the school.

2) It’s 1/2 mile from the school. 2 bus stops or a quick walk.

3) It’s a 3 bedroom/2 bath/large kitchen on the 1st floor–with a walk-out patio that opens into a grassy common area with a little gazebo. UNHEARD OF in Singapore.

4) It’s located literally across the street from one beautiful park and only 1 block away from another one that has a massive playground (and a McDonald’s).

5) It’s furnished.

6) It has a piano.

7) The condominium has a pool.

8) We would NOT have to pay deposits for the internet/phone/electricity, and we would not have to pay a realtor fee (which can run 2 months rent; in Singapore that can mean $6,000+)

9) Our rent is their support to live as missionaries in a foreign country. (wow)

So, what’s that? 9 more Green Lights!??!! It was truly amazing.

It looked like we were about to move to Singapore!

Time to start doing something with all of our stuff.

Part 3

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