The Hand of Providence

(If you’re wondering what we’ve been doing the past few months, I hope this begins to explain why we’ve been missing in action.)

It all started back in February when, late one night, my husband stumbled up an international school in Singapore. He was researching Seminary degrees and through a series of connections ended up in Singapore. Which led him to click on the tab labeled “work with us”. Being the dreamer that he is, he sent me the link, and the next morning I awoke to an email that read “humor me”. All it contained was a link. So, being the dreamer’s wife that I am, I clicked the link, filled out an application, and clicked submit. Honestly, I had no idea what I was applying for…I was doing what he asked. I was humoring him.

When my dear husband returned from work, we started doing a bit more research. It turns out that the parent organization to this Singapore school was located just 1.5 hours away from our home. (Green Light #1)  The Network of International Christian Schools. How could it be that I had lived my whole life and NEVER have heard of this seemingly amazing organization?

Just a few days after we filled out the initial form, we received an e-mail inviting us to fill out a more in depth questionnaire which contained interview-type questions. We were excited to have made it to round two. (Green Light #2)

Our research uncovered the fact that they were hosting an annual job fair just 2 weeks later. We secured babysitting and planned to go. Green Light #3.

On the drive down, we looked at each other and both agreed that if these people were crazy, we’d get up and leave. No harm done. We had a list of schools that were located all around the world. Nineteen or so schools—all the way from China to Boliva and everywhere in between. As we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff members who pointed us to a auditorium where we joined at least a hundred other interested people. So far, so good.

Throughout the morning, each school director shared a brief inside look into his/her respective school. By the second or third presentation we were in tears. Everything appeared legitimate. The people we met were honest and upright and radiated God’s love and joy. Green Light #3.

During a break, I grabbed a donut and decided to meet someone new instead of stand alone. So I made my way to a table with three older women. We made introductions and started to small talk. The first woman introduced herself. She was the wife of the NICS founder. The second woman explained that she was a former guidance counsellor in Singapore for seven years. The last woman was on the board of directors for NICS. Could I have picked a better table of women to join? Green Light #4.

Later in the day, we signed up to interview with one school only. Singapore. Out of all of the schools available, it was the only one that had perfect positions open for BOTH of us. Facilities Manager and English teacher. What are the odds?  Green Light #5.

After our interview, we left feeling good about how the day went. Now we just had to wait.

And wait we did. For four weeks we sat at home and wondered if they would offer us the jobs. I went through times of great confidence—knowing without a doubt that we would be offered the positions, and  times of sure self-defeat—there was no way they’d hire us. Wave after wave, week after week, we rode an emotional rollercoaster wondering how we’d get our whole family to the other side of the world. What would we do with the furniture? Could we sell our van? How would our children react? What would our families think?

But finally we received an answer. And after a few conversations via Skype, we were offered the positions (Green Light #6). Now, there was one thing upon which this whole thing was hinged: Finances. We had bills to pay, and we had been struggling greatly for at least two years to keep our noses above water. It had been a horrible two years. I have nothing nice to say about them. However, I did learn an abundance regarding a particular aspect of God’s character: The Lord Provider. Although we were struggling, he continued to provide for us; it had been reassuring during those times to see that God had not let go of us.

To Be Continued…

4 thoughts on “Part 1: Catching All the Green Lights

  1. Amen! We miss y’all a lot over here, but we know that our Father is going to use y’all mightily. Still praying for you, Carl, and the kids.


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